Peacock Feather Scroll


Tracy Kendall produces bespoke wallpaper with a subtle elegance and contemporary twist. Tracy is renowned for her custom-produced print collection, where magnified feathers, plants and florals have been pared down to produce simple, modern designs in a variety of tones and colours. She has recently moved into three-dimensional design creating a range of wallpapers using a stitch and cut technique which introduces texture and shape to a wall. These designs are custom made and tailored to each inquiry. Tracy works out of her studio in London, England.


  • Dimensions: 22″ W x 138″ H (Image size – 85″)
  • Hand screen print on wallpaper
  • Image colour: Paisley, moss green, ochre, mediterranean, nightingale, hot pink, 50s sketchbook 5, storm grey, olive, beaver, hurricane grey, lilac, moondust, valencia, thistle, kashmir beige, black, orange or HC red
  • Paper colour: White or off-white


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