Carl Hansen & Søn

CH07 Shell Chair
CH101 Lounge
CH162 Sofa
CH163 Sofa
CH20 Elbow Chair
CH22 Lounge Chair
CH24 Wishbone Chair
CH26 Dining Chair
CH28 Lounge Chair
CH29 Sawbuck Chair
CH401 Kastrup Chair
CH402-404 Kastrup Series Chairs
CH410/411 Childrens Furniture
CH415 Coffee Table
CH417 Tray Table
CH44 Lounge Chair
CH445 Wing Chair
CH468 Oculus Chair
CH56 & CH58
CH825 Credenza
E005 Embrace Chair
E015 Embrace Lounge Chair
E016 Embrace Lounge Ottoman
FH419 Heritage Chair
FH420 Heritage Stool
FH429 Signature Chair
KK43960 Mix Chair
KK47000 Safari Chair
KK47001 Safari Stool
KK47510 The Red Chair (Medium)
KK47510 The Red Chair with Armrests
KK48650 Addition Sofa
KK48651 Addition Sofa No Back
KK53130 Easy Chair
KK87830 Propeller Stool
KK96620 Faaborg Chair
LM92 & LM92T Metropolitan Chairs
MG501 Cuba Chair
MK Bookshelf System
MK10040 Model 51 Chair
MK10041 Model 52 Sofa
MK98860 Folding Table
MK99190 The Grandchild Chair
MK99200 Folding Chair
ML10097 Egyptian Table
OW149 Colonial Chair
OW149-2 Colonial Sofa
OW149-F Colonial Footstool
OW150 Daybed
OW2000 Egyptian Stool
OW449 Colonial Table
OW602 Sofa
OW603 Sofa
PK52 Professor Desk
PK52A Student Desk
SH900 Extend
TA001 Dream Chair
TK8 Daybed
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