Martha Sturdy

Alta Bowl
Boulder Bowl
Boulevard Trays
Bound Vases
Brass Flare Bowl
Canoe Tray
Caulfield Lamp
Charger – Aluminum
Charger – Capilano Brass
Charger – Capilano Steel
Charger – Rivet Wall
Chief Cube Table
Chief Open Cube
Chief Round Table
Columbia Console Table
Floating Square & Rectangular Table
Frame Table
Glacier Platters – Round
Glacier Platters– Square & Rectangular
Globe Light
Jackson Sphere – Steel with Brass Wrap
Jackson Wire Sphere – Aluminum
Jackson Wire Sphere – Brass
Jackson Wire Sphere – Steel
Keats Bowl
Keats Platter
Keats Vases
Langara Brass Bowls
Lions Console Table
Lions Dining Table
Nesting Trays
Ontario Rectangular Tray
Ontario Square Tray
Pacific Bowl
Pacific Giant Bowl
Pemberton Bowl
Pemberton Collection – Ink
Resin Flower Bowl
Round Floating Table
Steel Table
Sturdy Bench
Sturdy Brass Bowl
Sturdy Brass Dining Table
Sturdy Brass Table
Sturdy Console Table
Sturdy Dining Table
Sturdy Rectangular Trays
Sturdy Round Table
Sturdy Round Trays
Sturdy Square Trays
Whistler Rectangular Lamps
Whistler Rectangular Vases
Whistler Round Lamp
Whistler Round Vases
Whistler Square Lamp
Whistler Square Vases
Zig Zag Side Table
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