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Remix Wallpaper Remix Wallpaper Remix Wallpaper Remix Wallpaper Remix Wallpaper Remix Wallpaper Remix Wallpaper Remix Wallpaper

Remix Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk : Arthur Slenk found two boxes of handwritten music sheets over twenty years ago, used by an amateur orchestra between 1872 and 1941. The documents had not seen daylight in almost half a century. Carefully, he started examining page upon page, discovering the genesis, the varying pressure of pen upon paper, a corrected error, a tiny ink stain where the pen had stumbled over a fiber, fingerprints, signs of wear in the corner where the sheet was flipped over – all these traces suddenly shined a light upon the obscure members of this amateur orchestra. He then sorted the sheet music by subject into separate envelopes, and finally pasted. Each design was painstakingly subjected to critical examination, often followed by corrections. After seven years of work that produced 144 Letter-size designs, he considered this enormous task completed.

NLXL has selected 8 of these designs for a wallpaper collection. The result is simply astonishing. New state-of-the art scanning techniques were developed to capture the depth of the paper clippings. The vintage feel of the yellowed paper combined with the history behind the sheet music makes it look like a historical document on a wall.


  • Roll 19″ x 354″ (47 SQFT)
  • No pattern
  • Heavy-duty wallpaper with paper top-layer and non-woven backing
  • Colour-fast and washable with a soft cloth

Remix Wallpaper Options: REM 01, REM 02, REM 03, REM 04, REM 05, REM 06, REM 07, REM 08



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