Pemberton Collection – Ink


Pemberton Collection – Ink
Designed by Martha Sturdy
With an international reputation as a leading designer of furniture and home accessories, Canadian Martha Sturdy is known for creating distinctive artwork that is bold, sophisticated and minimal. Over the... Read more

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This collection draws inspiration from the natural constitution of ink and veining found in stone indigenous to the West Coast, exemplifying the artistic foundation inherent in our functional sculpture. The Ink Collection will be available in Linen and Black for a limited time only.


(271 ink): 19″ Dia x 2.25″ H
(268 ink): 24″ Dia x 4″ H
(213 ink): 34″ Dia x 6″ H
(266 ink): 43″ Dia x 10″ H
(270 ink): 45″ Dia x 7″ H
(2700 ink): 56″ Dia x 7″ H
(104 ink): 12″ Dia x 3″ H
(265 ink): 16″ Dia x 4″ H

Materials & Options

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