Agnes 6 bulbs


Agnes 6 bulbs
Designed by Roll & Hill
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Agnes is a an elegant design, featuring a modular anodized aluminum structure which can be assembled in configurations starting from a small, 6 light chandelier to a 40 light chandelier or even larger sizes. “Agnes, in its ideal state, would be a very large fixture. You could fill up a whole ceiling,” says the designer, Lindsey Adelman. Articulated joints allow for the bulbs to be rotated and arranged in a multitude of ways. The bulbs can be completely vertical, which is church-like and formal. When the angles change, it becomes more whimsical.


38″ W x 24″ D x 20″ H

Materials & Options

Metal finishes: Black, brushed brass, bronze or polished aluminum.
Glass: White.
Sockets: E17 / Bulbs: 25 Watt T6½ intermediate base frosted.
Suspension: 1/2″ aluminum stem with 35″ length. Canopy: 5″ diameter in matching metal finish.

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