Love Me Not Pendant


Love Me Not Pendant Love Me Not Pendant Love Me Not Pendant Love Me Not Pendant Love Me Not Pendant
Designed by Juniper
COUNTRY: USA Juniper is a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing company founded in 2011. The ethos of the company was formed around the belief that good design is essential and holds... Read more

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Artist Pascale Girardin and Brooklyn-based design studio, Juniper, have collaborated to design the Love Me Not, a light-filled pendant that draws from childhood memories of picking petals off of daisies.

The pendant’s organic shape is crafted from five layers of hand-formed, porcelain-finish acrylic, so no two fixtures are identical. Suspended individually or in a cluster, Love Me Not (À La Folie) delivers a whimsical display of art and light. The porcelain-finish acrylic, developed by famed German manufacturer Evonik, offers a unique material that exemplifies the lasting quality of ceramic, while providing the optical performance required for a functional light pendant.


36″ Dia x H 16″

Materials & Options

Standard Colour Options: Copper, Black Oxide.

Light Temperature: Warm White 3000K
Light Quality: 90CRI
Lumens: 3000
LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours (20-25 years)

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