Pillola Seat/Table


Pillola Seat/Table Pillola Seat/Table

Imperfetto does not stand as a word defining imprecision, yet it refers to something unique and exclusive, such as the objects in fibreglass that “Il laboratorio dell’imperfetto” designs and produces in its studio in Gambettola (Italy).

The collection of designs are inspired by the imperfections of the raw materials they work with, resulting in a synthesis between natural and artificial elements which gives them a familiar domestic touch. Each piece is made from a common mould, and eventually gets sanded, painted and hand-polished. The working process differs for each type of object, thus becoming unique in its genre. Thanks to such personalised approach to items, they acquire identity and uniqueness, as well as showing the exceptional  attention to details that derives from an expert and skilful craftsmanship.

The names given to each designed item recall the world of nature, such as Bulbi (bulbs), Gusci (shells), Ciottoli (pebbles);  shapes and dimension reveal the talents employed at the Laboratorio dell’Imperfetto, where resin gives a shape to every  idea and is “a modern gift from Re Mida by Verter Turroni, who after many years of experimenting, has learned to make the most of this material in all its possible metamorphoses”.

Pillola is a collection of seat/table in hand painted or translucent fibreglass.



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