Members of the Hollace Cluny team were treated to a working trip to New York City last month, taking in the splendour of the showrooms and studios of our stellar roster of designers and makers. During our trip, we discovered just how emotional these experiences can be. The artistry is unquestionable, the inspiration is never-ending, and we cannot wait to go back. Thank you, Susan for allowing us to have this opportunity!

Read on to find out where we stopped in, and what we saw and loved.


Anna Karlin

Our visit to New York was full of wow moments, and this was definitely the case with the Anna Karlin Studio. We walked from SoHo through Chinatown to its location, and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The weather was beautiful during our visit, so it was a nice long walk – but nothing could be as beautiful as what greeted us upon our arrival.

Anna’s studio is best described as raw; the walls reveal the building’s history, with each layer adding even more interest and context to the lighting and furniture that fills the space. It was an emotional experience for all of us; first, with the joy felt from meeting the Anna Karlin team who, it’s safe to say, idolize their studio head and made us feel incredibly welcome.

We were able to walk through the entire space and learn about the history of each piece – the scale of Anna’s work can really only be best felt in person. But a running theme throughout our trip was that there is no question about the talent and creativity involved in the work of our exceptional makers and designers. They are true artists in every sense of the word. Anna will begin a piece and let it sit and live and will continue to revisit it until it – and she – are ready to move forward. Her office is filled with the weird and wonderful history of her work, and we wanted to mentally absorb every inch of her space.


Apparatus Studio

What can be said about the Apparatus Studio showroom that hasn’t already been said by everyone who has wandered out of the rickety elevator and walked through the threshold of the Studio’s front door?

Stepping into the entry hallway, you know you’ve arrived somewhere special. Currently, the showroom is in Act IV – each showroom change is a new “Act” and with each Act change, visitors get to see what’s new to the Apparatus collection. As you walk through each space, it offers something different but equally as special as what came before and will come after. Everything people in the industry say about the showroom is 100% accurate – it is an experience everyone should take part in and enjoy.

Articolo Studios

Towering windows, a space bathed in warmth and filled with spectacular lighting is what you can expect from the Articolo Studios showroom (PS, it’s pronounced Ar-teek-a-lo).

The walls are covered with a neutral venetian plaster-type paint, the curtains are a natural linen, and the space still has all the original period details intact. It is the perfect backdrop for their beautiful lighting, allowing the finishes and glass details to take centre stage. And the colours of glass – wow! Ask their wonderfully friendly team to share all the available colours and finishes with you, and you will not be disappointed. We were only disappointed that we had to leave!

Atelier de Troupe

Resembling a little confectionary box, the Atelier de Troupe showroom is just a 1-minute walk up the street from Roll & Hill,  and definitely worth the visit. You will experience most of the Atelier de Troupe collection in a tiny but beautifully curated space. Clothed in drapery, the walls are adorned with lighting styles suspended from the ceiling and featured on beautifully crafted boards, allowing the most to be made out the space. You will be warmly greeted by one of their team members, who made our visit so much more enjoyable thanks to her passion and knowledge of the products.

In Common With

As the second last visit during our trip, we wish we could have spent more time here. The formidable In Common With team can be found in several fantastic, incredibly well-organized and maintained sections throughout the building the Studio occupies.

The admin team’s area is filled with quirky vintage furniture, easily recognizable from some of their look book photography; and the production space brims with young team members eagerly working towards a fabulous common goal (pun intended). 

Meanwhile, the creative team cracks on with developing its range of trademark beautiful pieces. But what is first and foremost in their minds right now is preparing for their soon-to-be-opened Manhattan showroom and workspace, which will contain exciting new collections and perhaps some vintage additions too (but you’ll have to hear more about that at a later date). The sense we had when visiting their current Brooklyn headquarters was that this is a team driven by talented and creative people who will be leading the future of New York design – and we are incredibly excited to see what they do next.

John Pomp

We had seen glimpses of John Pomp’s recently opened showroom at 200 Lex online, but when visiting, it was a complete surprise. We expected moody colours and polished chrome surfaces from the images – what we walked into was an inviting, not imposing, showroom where their lighting and furniture are truly able to shine.

The John Pomp team were quick to show us how beautiful their lighting is when it is turned off, just as much as it is when the light is on. The furniture is incredibly well crafted, substantial and cool. But the warmth of each piece is what truly stands out. We highly recommend visiting John Pomp, and make sure you stop to admire the door handles as you walk in and out!


Our last day before heading to the airport was a bit of a whirlwind as we made our way to Brooklyn. The first stop was a visit to the Pelle showroom/production space. This was another example of wondering where we were going and then when we arrived, realizing it was well worth the trip.

The kindness of the team was felt immediately. As with other spaces we visited in Brooklyn, we were able to see how production and display spaces can work side-by-side. The building itself was originally home to a hardware manufacturing business — the space is filled with scorch marks and “bumps and bruises” gained over time. (During our trip, we particularly loved seeing how old buildings adapted to housing new work and technologies!)

Upon entering their gallery space, we were treated to some of the most stunning lighting that we have had the pleasure of experiencing. Using unconventional materials to create much of their work, Pelle truly sets itself apart. Each piece is unique and unlike anything else out there; finishes are whimsical, yet always perfectly executed. When walking through the manufacturing space, we marvelled at how meticulously organized and maintained it was. We could have easily been walking through a medical laboratory (although it wouldn’t have looked so good).

Where the space really comes alive is in the creative area – a true feast for the eyes. From a new wall covering the team is working on to the paintings and models found around the room, you get the sense you’re in an environment where the creative team never stops thinking of what’s next – and this is why Pelle never ceases to surprise and inspire.

Roll & Hill

The Roll & Hill showroom is located in the kind of old New York building that makes you dream of living there. Originally built over 200 years ago, it spans three floors and each floor opens onto a grand, enviable space.

The design team has maintained many of its original features, and each space is curated with Roll & Hill’s beautifully designed lighting and furniture, along with a smattering of fantastic vintage pieces. It’s encouraged to pay close attention to each item and take note of all of the beautiful finishes you see. There are staff members positioned throughout the space, ready to answer questions and tell you the stories about each item. You will also find some of Jason Miller’s furniture items that he has designed for De La Espada.

Rosie Li Studio

The last, but certainly not least stop of our trip to Brooklyn was to the Rosie Li Studio. The space is raw and utilitarian, with every inch being used for something necessary – there is no wasted space, including the ceiling. And the surroundings are entirely filled with something contributing to the beauty and artistry of their team’s vision.

We were completely overwhelmed by how gorgeous the studio’s pieces are, and the amount of work that goes into each one. For example, two fixtures filled the ceiling space, spanning about 20’  horizontally and at least 10’ vertically, and winding around in unexpected ways. Looking at it made us feel as though we were looking up at the canopy of a stunning golden forest. Both pieces were assembled from hundreds of brass leaves and other components; each of the pieces will be disassembled, taken down, hand finished and then brought back to reassemble again. The sheer volume of work was staggering, reiterating that when one of the Studio’s chandeliers is installed in someone’s home, the effort and attention to detail that has gone into it becomes part of its beauty in the end.

Tom Faulkner

Tom Faulkner is well known for making beautiful furniture, but the specialist finishes his pieces feature are what truly sets him apart from the rest of the crowd. Just check out the Barbie movie to see some of his furniture, with the signature butterfly finishes, for proof!

The showroom’s space, although compact, offers a wonderful display of some of his newer items and a range of work to display most of the spectacular finishes available. We were able to see the Eclipse Console Table up-close (it’s coming soon to our showroom!) and will mention that it has the perfect amount of surface area to highlight the specialist finish of your choice. Someone from the Tom Faulkner UK team has been flown over and is on hand to assist in the showroom, making sure that you’re in good hands.

For more information about any of these amazing collections, contact us at or by phone at 416 968 7894.