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Ole Wanscher

Ole Wanscher was a leading figure within Scandinavian furniture design. His furniture is classical and thoroughly modern at the same time. Today Wanscher’s works are sought after collectors’ all over the world.

In the 1920s Wanscher was associated with the school of Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts under Kaare Klint and designed his furniture with inspiration from English and oriental models. In competition with Børge Mogensen and Finn Juhl, Ole Wanscher won Kaare Klint’s professorship at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine ARts in 1955. A post that Wanscher held until 1973.

Wanscher won many prizes, including the Guild of Carpenters Annual Awards in 1960 and the gold medal at Triennalen in Milan, which underlined the fact that Wanscher was esteemed both internationally and in Denmark.

PRODUCTS BY Ole Wanscher