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Forchette Flushmount

The Forchette flushmount is composed of a single slip cast porcelain or hand-finished solid brass shade emerging from a brass stem.

Made by Materia Designs


Materia Designs strives to blur the lines between art, design, utility, work and life. Drawing from their combined backgrounds in choreography, fashion, landscape design and woodworking, owners Megan Sommerville and Matt Ensner have developed an intuitive and responsive visual language which informs their lighting and a growing portfolio of residential and commercial interiors projects.



5.5"H X 5"W

Materials & Options

Graphite/Natural Porcelain Shades/Unlacquered Brass Body

Graphite/Natural Porcelain Shades  Aged Silver/Aged Brass/Blackened brass Body

Brass Shades/Unlacquered Brass Body

Brass Shades/Aged Silver/Aged Brass/Blackened Brass Body

Two-Toned Brass Shades/Blackened Brass Exterior/Un-Lacquered Brass Interior Body

Handblown Glass Shades/Aged Brass/aged Silver/Blackened Brass Body

Handblown Glass Shades/Unlacquered Brass Body

Contact Us

Contact Hollace Cluny for more information at 416 968 7894 or send us an inquiry.