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3 years ago we were missing something. We imagined a more fluid approach to design. A form of total creation from brief to market. We saw the world ever more connected and wanted to embrace positivity. We imagined products born from supernatural daydreams where everything is possible. But can we write our own story?

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First we had to go off the beaten track and break free from the Italian design establishment. Empowering our own independence. But who is going to trust us? What do we need to learn? How do we find the right artisans for our projects?

So we began as always by designing, but we needed a product that would unite our passion, both intuitive and rational.

We chose lighting due to the surprise of the immaterial, the multisensorial object that can become magical.

And straight into the exhibition with 2 weeks to develop the LED light bulb because we had to dip future into the heritage of Murano glass blowing.

In this process we have learnt that we must explore our individual talents without boundaries. It is necessary to evolve and not repeat the same design cycles of the last 50 years. Today we have many routes to market and methods to express ourselves as designers.

We are finally independent, exploring new territories, creating connections that promote human dialogue and expertise, one light at a time.


Our first light collection is made from Murano hand blown glass and turned brass, both high quality materials. Each module crystallizes a different breath  and is unique, only vaguely similar to next production. Spontaneity and improvisation are part of the project, and are promoted as proof of the handmade.

The combination of matching modules, which use different traditional Murano glass blowing techniques and processes.

The traditional Muranese colours evoke the sunset of the Venetian Lagoon, a cornerstone of romance set in a world of technological advancement.

Materials & Options


brushed brass
brushed bronze
blackened brass
brushed nickel

Flauti Pendant 01 Amethyst Flauti Pendant 02 Amethyst Flauti Pendant 13 Amethyst Flauti Pendant 14 Amethyst Flauti Pendant 05 Rose Flauti Pendant 06 Rose Flauti Pendant 07 Crystal Flauti Pendant 08 Grey Flauti Pendant 09 Grey Flauti Pendant 10 Amber Flauti Pendant 11 Green Flauti Pendant 12 Aquamarine


Proprietary LED Source
9W 2700K 500mA

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Contact Hollace Cluny for more information at 416 968 7894 or send us an inquiry.
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