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Dunes, designed in collaboration with Montreal artist and designer Maud Bauchamp, refers to the organic formations found on the earth’s surface whose shape and size are constantly shifting due to fluctuating wind patterns. The landscape created by dunes is a testament to the ever-changing nature of our planet and serve as a reminder of our impermanence.

Made by Pascale Girardin

Based out of Montreal, founder Pascale Girardin has won numerous awards and distinctions for her work as a visual artist and designer, including the Pierre-Pagé prize and repeated recognition from the Canada Arts Council. Recent projects include large-scale installations at Printemps Hausman in Paris, the Four Seasons Place in Pudong, Shanghai and a special collaboration with Harry Winston in New York.



Approximately 50 cm L and 40 cm H X 20 cm D

Materials & Options

Vitreous slip on stoneware, powder coated steel, linen, glass

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