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Atticus Collection

Designed for decorative lighting of private gardens, provides magical warmth to outdoor spaces. These small lamps can be placed under trees or between plants, giving each designer the freedom to create the atmosphere they want.

"We must feel good. Wherever we are, really good. " This phrase from Joana Bover defines the spirit of her Atticus lamp. A lamp that welcomes and accompanies, making any time and space more attractive. Aesthetics and simplicity, coupled with versatility and functionality. With Atticus, less is more. Light and simple in its design, yet sophisticated in the possibilities it offers with its discreet personality. "I like lamps that do not intrude," Joana always says. Atticus is always there, creating atmosphere, enveloping, but barely taking up any surface space. A company that follows us wherever we want: next to the table while we eat, by the sofa or in the garden as part of the seasonal design.

Made by Bover


In 1996, Joana Bover founded Bover in Barcelona, Spain. Born from napkin sketches scribbled down at a restaurant, the Bover brand now ships its diverse product profile around the world. Today, a full team of respected designers joins Joana Bover in creating new lighting experiences for people everywhere.

Despite the continuing growth of the Bover brand, Joana Bover has maintained pursuit of her original vision. She believes in timeless design, a balance between quality and price, and in defending the rights of the designers that painstakingly realize Bover products.



Atticus P/114: H 114cm/44.88" - ∅ 20cm/7.87"
Atticus P/114/R: H 114cm/44.88" - ∅ 20cm/7.87"
Atticus B/56: H 56-66cm/22.05-25.98" - ∅ 20cm/7.87"
Atticus B/66: H 56-66cm/22.05-25.98" - ∅ 20cm/7.87"


Atticus P/114: 9W LED
Atticus P/114/R: 3.2W LED
Atticus B/56: 9W LED
Atticus B/66: 9W LED

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