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Ash Collection

Celebrating the natural beauty of Ontario’s
Ashwood, this limited collection of versatile
furnishings reduces waste by integrating
it into the manufacturing and design of
the product itself. Formal and functional
harmony is achieved thanks to digital
optimization and circular systems that
leverage STACKLAB’s regional network of
collaborators within 100 miles of Toronto.

Made by Stacklab

STACKLAB is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Toronto. Through its products and projects, the studio aims to provoke meaningful discourse about our ways of living.

Founded by Jeff Forrest in 2013, STACKLAB is known for its innovative blend of design, tech and circular manufacturing. Rather than work backwards from the desired output, such as a new chair or a home, the team applies a diverse set of skills and perspectives to problems worth solving. With a particular passion for the challenges facing regional manufacturing, the studio believes that the key to smarter, more efficient and better-for-the-environment living is its signature systems-based approach.


A-1: 14’’H x 18 1/2’’W x 18 1/2’’D
A-2: 15 1/2’’H x 21 1/4’’W x 21 1/4’’D
A-3: 18 1/2’’H x 21 1/4’’W x 21 1/4’’D
A-4: 34’’H x 21 3/8’’ W x 21 3/8’’D
B-1: 11’’H x 20 1/4’’W x 20 1/4’’D
B-2: 12 1/2’’H x 21 1/4’’W x 21 1/4’’D
B-3: 15 1/2’’H x 21 1/4’’W x 21 1/4’’D
B-4: 31’’H x 21 3/8’’ W x 21 3/8’’D
C-1: 10’’H x 19 5/8’’W x 19 5/8’’D
C-2: 11 1/2’’H x 21 1/4’’W x 21 1/4’’D
C-3: 14 1/2’’H x 21 1/4’’W x 21 1/4’’D
C-4: 30’’H x 21 3/8’’ W x 21 3/8’’D

Materials & Options

Bronze Finishes:

1. Cast Bronze with Blue Patina
2. Cast Bronze with Antique Brown Patina
3. Cast Bronze with Natural Patina
4. Cast Bronze with Dark Green Patina
5. Cast Bronze with Green Patina
6. Cast Bronze with Green/Black Patina

Ash Finishes
1. Ebony tinted hard wax oil
2. Granite Grey tinted hard wax oil
3. Silk Grey tinted hard wax oil
4. Oak Antique tinted hard wax oil
5. Clear tinted hard wax oil
6. White tinted hard wax oil

Contact Us

Contact Hollace Cluny for more information at 416 968 7894 or send us an inquiry.

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