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Danish architect and designer Kaare Klint, the man behind such classics as the Safari Chair and Faaborg Chair, is considered the father of Danish furniture design. For Kaare Klint, the son of architect Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint, exposure to architecture was a natural part of his early development. However, it was primarily as a furniture designer that Kaare Klint made his mark on Danish architecture.

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Kaare Klint was born in 1888 in Frederiksberg and designed his first furniture in 1914, for the Faaborg Museum. From the beginning, Klint’s furniture was characterized by harmony between his choice of form and materials, often combined with hints at earlier styles or other cultures.

Klint helped found the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Furniture School in 1923, and was appointed professor there in 1924. In this role, he inspired and taught a number of prominent Danish furniture designers, who went on to pave the way for the golden age of Danish design, from 1945 to 1975.

Klint also founded the Furniture and Spatial Design Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where he employed a teaching method considered radical in his day. He asked students to construct furniture items from the inside out, based on thorough pre-analysis. The outward style was less significant; instead, the focus was on function analysis, choice of materials, and material processing.

Klint’s emphasis on ergonomics, function analysis, and material options flowed from his perception of furniture as a tool rather than as decoration. Furniture was intended to serve a purpose, not to dominate the room. Despite his innovative teaching, he drew on classic furniture design, which he simplified without compromising on design or quality, as his choice of materials reflects.

Klint began to collaborate with the Rud. Rasmussen furniture company in 1926. Klint’s influence led to a comprehensive renewal of Danish furniture design. He demanded clear and logical structure, with nothing superficial – only honest, pure lines, the best materials, and genuine craftsmanship. Many of his pieces are in more demand than ever today due to their simple, functional qualities, timeless design, and uncompromising production.


Klint’s sophisticated, lightweight chair is defined by his signature systematic approach, fine craftsmanship, well-conceived proportions, and remarkable material effects. The chair is made of solid wood and features a canvas or leather seat and back. The armrests are produced in natural-colour saddle leather only.



22.5″ W x 22.5″ D x 31.5″ H, Seat Height: 13.5″ 

Materials & Options

The Safari chair is made in smoke stained ash. Covers are made in natural canvas (100% linen) or in a selection of leather colours. Armstraps can be ordered in natural saddle leather only. The cushion for the seat is made with or without buttons.

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