MK Bookcase System

Designed by Mogens Koch - Carl Hansen

Danish architect and furniture designer Mogens Koch is renowned for his functional approach and timeless designs. Between 1925 and 1932, Mogens Koch was employed in turn at Carl Petersen’s, Ivar Bentsen’s and Kaare Klint’s drawing offices. He opened his own drawing office in 1943. Deeply influenced by his time with Kaare Klint, Mogens Koch created designs that valued the whole above the parts, and strived to create consistency between buildings and their fixtures and furnishings – just as Klint had done before him.

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Koch’s few but very well-thought-out and simple designs are all regarded as original and ground-breaking for their day, and considered pioneering in terms of comfort, function, and aesthetics. His most famous designs include his Folding Furniture and his legendary Shelving System – today both viewed as design icons. The Shelving System, first sketched in 1928, has been reproduced around the world. Rud. Rasmussen developed the first prototype in 1930 and started production in 1932. Eighty years later, Rud. Rasmussen still produces Koch’s Shelving System in the Nørrebro neighbourhood of Copenhagen.

The furniture Koch designed over the years always had a special significance and connection to his own life. All of his designs were created for a particular purpose or building. The Shelving System, for example, was initially intended for his own home, where the small rooms required flexible storage furniture that offered a variety of solutions.


Seeking to develop a straightforward, universal solution to the challenge of everyday storage, Mogens Koch designed a bookcase system ingenious in its versatility, strength and elegant simplicity.
The flexible MK Bookcase System consists of eight different modular units that can be used individually or combined as desired. In it, Koch envisioned a concept so clear in its form and function that it could become quintessential: the Bookcase System for modern homes.
Begun in 1928 and completed in 1932, Koch's solution remains in demand many decades later and has spawned countless reproductions far beyond Denmark's borders - a testament to the timelessness of his thoughtful vision.


MK40880: 29.9”L X 10.8”D X 29.9”H

MK95800: 19.9”L X 10.8”D X 29.9”H

MK74180: 29.9”L X 10.8”D X 15”H

MK98400 29.9”L X 14.2”D X 29.9”H

MK95801: 19.9”L X 14.2”D X 29.9”H

MK74181: 15”L X 14.2”D X 29.9”H

MK74182: 15”L X 14.2”D X 29.9”H

MK88360 Cabinet: 29.9”L X 14.2”D X 29.9”H

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Materials & Options

Available in a selection of oak and walnut finishes.

This system also includes a selection of shelves and tray add-ons.

MK74180 MK95801 MK98400 MK74181 MK74182 MK95800 MK40880 Cabinet Large Bookcase Large Black Bookcase Large Back-Black Bookcase Large Back-Oak Soap

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MK Bookcase System

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