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Great Expectations

This table combines the beauty of marble with a twist of suspense. The triangular legs create for several differing view points where the table in turn feels as if it is supported by the thinnest blades of marble prompting a sense of disbelief yet from another vantage point the legs appear both massive and solid grounding the table with a feeling of strength and permanence. Available with one continuous top or as modules which can be combined together to achieve almost unlimited lengths the table can be customized for any space.

Made by Claste Collection


Founder and Creative Director Quinlan Osborne has established an instantaneously recognizable aesthetic for Claste Collection that is rooted in the passion for contemporary design he developed while practicing as an Architect for fifteen years prior to shifting his attention to the world of collectible design and furniture. His architectural background continues to inform his minimalist philosophy beyond the visual to include themes such as tension, fragility and the idea of threshold as experience. These notions characterize his desire to challenge prevailing notions of what furniture is and push the boundaries of how furniture can simultaneously remain relevant within both the world of design as well as contemporary art. His work for Claste Collection has been recognized with numerous high-profile international design awards, including the Archiproducts Design Award, the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Art and Design and the Grands Prix du Design for Quebec.




Materials & Options

Available in a selection of marble options.

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