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Luna Chandelier Tier 1

A lighting system with infinite interpretations, the LUNA is a synergy of color, shape, and refracted light. Inspired by a lunar halo, the modular light fixture grows in every direction as its assembly system stems horizontally or vertically, stacking color upon color of various blownglass shapes. The LUNA series is a glamorous reference to the moon’s diffused light and soft glow. Allusive yet glamorous, the LUNA is a new tradition in glass-work and light form. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, LUNA is a highly customizable fixture.

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Made by Gabriel Scott

GABRIEL SCOTT designs and produces chic and contemporary furniture and lighting fixtures. All Gabriel Scott pieces are handmade in their Montreal production studio where young visionaries work together alongside an in-house team of industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturers to create and oversee each piece from inception to production. Gabriel Scott’s 30-thousand square-foot studio is located in Montreal’s historically rich Garment District, a neighborhood that pioneered Canadian fashion and design.

Gabriel Scott was founded in Montreal, Canada, in 2012. Scott Richler was working as an architect and was often tasked with specifying high-end custom furniture for clients. He realised there was a market for bespoke, contemporary and customisable furniture and lighting fixtures crafted using a holistic approach that would be specifically aimed at designers and architects who need control over every detail of a building’s design.




Standard 47.39” x 9” x 9” + DROP


Materials & Options

Hardware: Satin brass, satin copper, blackened steel, satin nickel

Canopy: Satin brass, satin copper, blackened steel, satin nickel, matte white

Globes: Blue, California pink, yellow, smoked amethyst, smoked bronze, smoked grey

Customization available.


Light source

24V 6 Watt LED (included)


LED drivers

E96R24DC - 110V


This fixture comes standard as remote wired, for details on local installation, please inquire.


Contact Us

Contact Hollace Cluny for more information at 416 968 7894 or send us an inquiry.

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