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Atlas Bookshelf

Stacked like a totem and placed on a rotating base that gives an impression of lightness, this bookshelf is classic but unexpected.

Made by Pierre Augustin Rose

Pierre Augustin Rose is an association of styles, belonging to three singular personalities: Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose. 

An immoderate love for singular places, a perpetually curious view on furniture and heritage of the great names of the XXth century- that is the key to the creative wealth of the young maison Pierre Augustin Rose. Simple lines is what would best define the way the collection reveals itself, often with a very innovative design that doesn’t collide with the classics of refined furniture. The talent of these designers hides behind their enlightened eyes as antique dealers, from which they allow the past to communicate with the contemporary pieces they create.




L 58 x W 55 x H 116.5 cm / L 22.8″ x W 21.7″ x H 45.9″
Shelves dimensions:
Eight medium: L 19.5 x W 29 x H 21.5 cm / L 7.7″ x W 11.4″ x H 8.5″
Two large: L 41 x W 29 x H 21.5 cm / L 16.1″ x W 11.4″ x H 8.5″

Materials & Options

Bookshelf in oak veneer
Top and swivel base in a very refined lacquer finish

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