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Ledge Dry Bar

Ledge Dry Bar is a floating wall-mounted sculptural dry bar. Made of carved solid ash, it’s surface recalls the textures of crumbling cliffs around the studio. It’s interior has two solid wood surfaces for a collection of bottles and an adjustable smoked glass shelf for glassware. The back of the interior is covered in a matte black leather. Definitely the most ambitious piece in the Ledge Collection.

Made by Simon Johns

Simon Johns is a fine arts–trained designer living and working in the secluded woods of East-Bolton in southern Quebec, Canada. Illustrating a conversation between the fabricated and the elemental, Simon creates one-off and limited-edition pieces of sculptural furniture and lighting. His work is a product of observing and living with the pure and raw shapes of his surroundings. The unaltered physical traits of primary materials are harnessed to evoke the emotions one feels in their presence. Using a variety of materials as vocabulary, he plays with their capabilities in mimicry, having them reference or reflect each other in precisely crafted poetic compositions. The outcome is work that is imbued with a sense of contemplation, as if we are to evaluate our connection to our own environment.


64"h x 36"w x 15"d

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Materials & Options

Solid ash wood, ash veneer, smoked glass, leather.

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