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Piloti Stone

With its simple, unadorned silhouette and slender profile, Piloti in Stone exudes a unique kind of elegance. The extra appeal is all about the subtle detailing of the table top´s edge ensuring a seamless transition to the legs which merge into a balanced entity. The impression is a single line floating on four delicate legs. The Piloti in Stone tables all have the same height, which makes them ideal to place individually or together in a space to create a sense of continuity.

Made by Fredericia

Since its foundation in 1911, the family-owned company Fredericia has built a strong tradition of craftsmanship and design, developed in close collaboration with a circle of internationally recognised designers. They all play a part in the design and craftsmanship brand Fredericia is today. Forming a creative culture characterised by integrity, artistic expression, material expertise and knowledge.




Piloti stone table - Model 6750
W: 75 cm H: 35 cm L: 75 cm Cbm: 0 cbm

Piloti stone table - Model 6745
W: 39 cm H: 35 cm L: 120 cm Cbm: 0 cbm

Piloti stone table - Model 6760
W: 39 cm H: 35 cm L: 75 cm Cbm: 0 cbm

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